Hi, I'm Seth, a full stack web developer and recent graduate of the Full Stack Web Development Career Path bootcamp at Thinkful. I am a very curious person who loves learning new technologies, finding creative ways to solve complex problems, and working on a team with great programmers. With each line of code, I strive to make the web a better place.

In my free time, I like to play guitar, fall into Wikipedia or YouTube rabbit holes, and take long walks in nature.




Keybound lets users make custom cheat sheets full of shortcuts for study and easy reference.

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As someone who's always trying to improve and form good habits, I created Habitful, an app for anyone looking to develop a new habit and stick to it. Habitful allows you to create habit goals, keep track of how often you've completed a given habit, and view visual feedback of your progress to help you stick to those goals.

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Equine Spirit Programs

Website developed for a local small business using React and the Gatsby framework.

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Recipe Repo

An app that allows you to store recipes and organize them by category, I built Recipe Repo to serve as a lightweight, easy to use app for anyone looking to keep their recipes organized all in one place.

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Youtube Guitar Lesson Finder

As someone who likes to learn how to play new songs on guitar, I frequently use YouTube to find guitar lessons. I made Youtube Guitar Lesson Finder to make finding lessons easier. With this app, anyone looking to learn a new song on guitar can browse through an artist's discography to find YouTube guitar lessons for a particular song and then display multiple lessons all on the same page, making it much easier to switch back and forth between different lessons.

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Sonoran Desert Birds Quiz

A quiz app that test you on your knowledge of birds found in the Sonoran Desert. There is a start screen, question pages, feedback page, score board, and results page. See how well you can do!

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